The Credit Reporting Agencies Act 2010 (CRA Act) came into force on 15th October 2014. It provides context on registration, administration and regulation of private credit reporting agencies in Malaysia. All credit reporting agencies in Malaysia are required to register under the CRA Act. Only companies registered with the Registrar of CRA are considered an official credit reporting agency in Malaysia.

The CRA Act 2010 provides Data Subjects with the right to access, correct and dispute any information held about them. Data Subjects can request for a free company credit report by complete the Self Check Application Form at here. This enable the Data Subjects to check and confirm the credit information reported on them are Relevant, Accurate, Complete, Up-to-Date and Not misleading (RACUN).

Full Summary of Rights can be downloaded at here.

The CRA Act allows the Registrar to monitor, control and regulate credit reporting agencies to protect the rights of individual credit data. It also enforces all laws and regulations to monitor the credit reporting industry. The functions of Registrar Office include:

  • To establish Register of Credit Reporting Agencies in Malaysia
  • To ensure all parties involved comply with the provisions of CRA Act and the guidelines as prescribed by Registrar.
  • To encourage and promote the development of credit reporting industry.
  • To protect the right of all stakeholders under CRA Act.
Please visit the Registrar office website at for more information about the CRA Act.