Importance of Credit Report

Comprehensive Write Up

Statutory information obtained from Registry Office.
Credit check on legal actions, winding up petition, wound up cases and defaulter’s information on a company.
Information obtained from the interview with the company’s management which are not readily available and this includes its suppliers’ information on its payment records, clientele, operations, recent development and current investigations.
Financial accounts, key ratios and financial analysis.
Economic and industry outlook of the country.
Professional and well trained Analyst’s comments and recommendation.

Up-Dated Information

An interview with the senior management of the subject company is necessary. Interview is conducted and through this process, we are able to provide you with the latest information which may not be available at the Registry Office and we will update the registry’s records accordingly. Furthermore, through the interview, sometimes we may be able to get a copy of the latest financial accounts from the subject company even it is yet to be lodged with the Registry Office. 

Credit Rating

• Credit appraisal on the company to determine its credit worthiness.
• An appendix is attached to the credit report clarifying the criteria taken into consideration in the rating process.
• A guideline for determining the company’s credit risk and amount of credit to be granted. 

Convenient & Time Saving

• As credit report provides most of the essential information on a company, it will be very easy for our clients to study or make use of the information in the report. Our clients may save significant time and cost in collating and analyzing the data.

Site Visit

A personal site investigation will be conducted if necessary. This is to ensure the existence or activeness of the subject company. There are about 50% of the companies registered with the Registry Office are either dormant, struck off by Registry Office or wound up. Thus it can be very risky to conduct business with these companies.

Independent Advice

CTOS Basis as an independent credit information agency will provide independent advice or comments. There is no conflict of interest. 
Credit report is a good supportive source to supplement major decisions like credit granting, reviewing of account, purchasing and etc..