BASISNET portal and company name has changed to CTOS Basis as a result of the recent acquisition of Basis Corporation Sdn Bhd by CTOS Digital Sdn Bhd.

CTOS Digital Sdn Bhd is the holding company of CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd – Malaysia’s leading Credit Reporting Agency (CRA). By combining CTOS’ expertise and infrastructure with our existing capabilities, we will be able to serve our customers even better. We are proud to be part of the CTOS family.

From now onwards, BASISNET will be progressively rebranded to CTOS Basis, and you will see a change in the way this website looks and feels. This will also include the replacement of the BASISNET name and logo on all materials, including other websites, email addresses, marketing collateral, forms and reports.

Customers can be assured these changes will not impact our products and services. If you access or click the old website at , you will be automatically redirected to the new site at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Why is BASISNET rebranding to CTOS Basis?

A: CTOS Digital Sdn Bhd has recently acquired 100% of Basis Corporation Sdn Bhd. As such, BASISNET will be rebranded to CTOS Basis to reflect this change and become part of the CTOS family.

Q: What will happen as part of the rebrand?

A: Our products and services remain unchanged, with only a change in our brand and business address. Here are more details of what to expect as part of the rebrand:

  • The BASISNET portal name and logo will change to CTOS Basis.
  • The legal entity name will change from “Basis Corporation Sdn Bhd” to “CTOS Basis Sdn Bhd”. Our Company Registration Number will remain the same
  • Details of our digital changes are:
Website Previous URL New URL Previous Email Address New Email Address
Website Previous URL New URL

Previous Email Address New Email Address

Q: What impact will the rebrand have on BASISNET customers?

A: Operationally, nothing will change for BASISNET customers.

  • Our logo will change from BASISNET to CTOS Basis across our websites, marketing collaterals, products and services. We have changed our legal entity name but our Company Registration Number remains unchanged.
  • For Finance purposes, please update our profile in your systems with our new legal entity name, effective immediately.

Company Registration Number

Previous Legal Entity Name

Legal Entity Name, Effective Immediately

199401030027 (315708-X)

(No change – remains the same)

Basis Corporation Sdn Bhd

CTOS Basis Sdn. Bhd.

Q: How do I find out more information?

A: To learn more, email us at