CTOS Basis Credit Rating

“Your Credit Risk Solution”
CTOS Basis Credit Rating is a credit scorecard which provides you with a systematic credit risk assessment in managing your credit risk. It is a comprehensive credit risk evaluation model which will improve your credit acceptance rate and reduce your bad debts. It measures the credit risk and confidence level of a company as well as providing you with the necessary credit recommendation. It is being used in our CTOS Basis Credit Report (BCR).

A Proven Tool in Prevention of Bad Credit”
Our Professional research team has undertaken an extensive study on bad accounts and has identified the major causes of credit default. We have developed the CTOS Basis Credit Scorecard which takes into account all the risk factors to provide credit managers with meaningful credit risk assessment reports to assist them in decision making.

CTOS Basis Credit Rating has been widely accepted by most of the Credit Insurers in the world as well as the MNCs, trading houses and other successful corporation in Malaysia.

The 6Cs CTOS Basis Credit Scorecard


The study of a company’s constitution which represents the underlying strength of a company.


• The evaluation on the financial performance and financial strength of a company.


• The assessment on the ability of a company in meeting its obligations based on non-financial factors.


• Macro analysis and benchmarking a company’s performance against the growth of the country’s economy and the industry.


• The Subject’s credibility in honouring its obligations through an evaluation of its payment records and credit history.

Control & Contingency

• The command of a company over resources available and its readiness in facing any untoward event.

CTOS Basis Credit Rating    Cause of Bad Credit
CHARACTER Poor Management
Poor Reputation
Poor Payment Record
CAPITAL Weak Financial Position
Weak Cash Flow
CAPACITY Operational Inefficiency
Limited Market Coverage
CONDITION Economic Crisis
Market Saturation
Fierce Competition
CREDIBILITY Poor Payment Records 
Poor Credit History
CONTROL & CONTIGENCY Scarcity of Resources
Untoward Happening

Rating Methodology

  • CTOS Basis Credit Rating is a balanced scorecard, which takes into consideration both financial and non-financial factors for effective credit and risk assessment. It includes both macro and micro analysis.
  • Comprehensive study of both the internal and external factors and an evaluation of the inter-linkages between the company and the business environment, the industry and its past trend.
  • Comparative and percentage composition ratio study on past financial years for performance appraisal and trend analysis.
  • Positioning the subject concerned in the market by benchmarking it against the industry standard and competitive analysis against other players in the market.
  • Collaborative study of the six critical credit elements (6Cs).
  • Assign a score for each and every one of the 6 Cs after a comprehensive credit risk assessment.
  • Rating is assigned according to the weighted scores, which will reflect the risk and confidence levels, the company’s performance and its credit standing.